Analysing the past and looking forward.

Maxim Ulyanov
Nov 9, 2020

On my previous entry I was thinking about my past and future and now i’m going to continue this tradition by writing this post.

Of course, things are going onwards and I’m trying to do my best to not to miss the lectures and tasks, but I was ill and couldn’t attend most of the october’s classes. Nevertheless, I’m glad that I had more time to fill in my gaps on English language and the whole flexibility of education system in the University helped me to cope with that.

In my opinion, I should work really hard on November, because I want to be prepared for all the seminars and sessions. I also think that I should get more involved into a politics than I were before.
To be honest it is hard for me to state clear goals, because life is really unpredictible.

Although I enjoyed staying at home, I need to continue my studies. I think that I should be more socialized. Also I need work on my American English pronounciation more.